Car Seat Covers

These covers are made from cotton and are light and breathable. But it keeps the sun and wind away from your baby. This cover can also be used on a pram.

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Car Seat Blankets

We noticed that during summer babies tend to sweat on the canvas seats that most baby seats are made of.  And in winter you struggle to keep baby warm all-around.  This blanket addresses both scenarios and the blanket fits the same way as the baby does and thus removes as easy and is fully machine washable.

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Strechy Baby Wraps
I now make these strechy t-shirt material wraps in a bag with instructions.

With this you will discover a natural and easy way to ‘wear your baby’ and experience these benefits. Both hands free to do chores, shopping, take walks…

Calms baby by giving him:
-womb-like warmth and close contact with mum
-mum’s heartbeat, familiar smell and voice
-soothing containment
-upright position to help baby bring up wind

Excellent for fussy (‘colicky’) and high-need babies (has an organising effect on baby’s vestibular system). Babies suffering from reflux benefit greatly from upright carrying
Dramatically reduces baby’s crying
Helps babies who take short catnaps to sleep longer
Can be used right from birth until 6+ months depends on baby’s length.
Protects mother’s back, shoulders, arms, wrists and general posture – doesn’t cause back or shoulder pain like front-carrying pouches do. Baby actually feels lighter and there is no pulling down on mother’s muscles – very comfortable!
Safe and convenient, durable, soft cotton fabric, machine washable!




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